The Resurrection Effect – 1 Corinthians 15 Did Jesus' resurrection actually happen? Verses 1-8 Two Key Elements: 1. The Empty Tomb What other explanations could there be? The Wrong Tomb…

Psalm 75

10th May 2020

Psalm 74

3rd May 2020

Psalm 73

26th April 2020
Text: Psalm 73 Will you join the Choir? 1. Looking at the world with envious eyes v1-16 Envy changes how we see: The Wicked Ourselves God 2. Entering the sanctuary…

Easter Sunday

12th April 2020
Our Easter Sunday Service preached online

Text: John 12: 12-19 Title: Jesus is the King of Peace. Easter Series: Jesus: Strength for today; Hope for tomorrow.
1. Jesus' Love • It is there throughout the passage o v3 o v5 o The way Jesus deals with Martha and Mary o v36 • If he loves them…
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