Sermon notes: Philippians 1:1-11 - To live is Christ Paul’s heart… Paul’s joy… Paul’s confidence... Paul’s prayer...
Sermon notes: Romans 16 A stone in your shoe … Praise for the hard workers A warning: watch out for false teachers A reassuring doxology
Sermon notes: Romans 14 - Is it OK for a Christian to ...? Lordship - you are not their judge - live for the Lord - we will all come…
Sermon Notes- Luke 9:18-27 Who is Jesus? What was Jesus’ mission? How should we respond?
Sermons notes: Romans 13:8-14 Debt & Dress Living with the perpetual debt (vs 8-10) Knowing and following the dress code (vs 11-14)
Sermons notes: Romans 12:1-10 How are we to relate to one another? Use the gospel to measure yourself Use your gifts to build one another up Love one another
Romans 12:1-8 In view of God’s mercy: Offer your body as a living sacrifice Don’t confirm but be transformed
Luke 10:1-24 The Reason to Rejoice Prayer Go Rejoice
Sermons notes: Romans 10:1-21 The Real Christian Its not about zeal for God The issue is righteousness Have you called on the name of the Lord?
Sermons notes: Romans 9:1-13 Questions to consider: Who is in the family of the church? How do people join that family? How do we feel about the people outside the family…
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