Judges 19-21

10th April 2022
Sermon points – Judges 19-21 1. Hospitality to horror We mustn't pick and choose which sins we hate We must hate our own sin 2. Civil War - Israel vs…

Judges 17 & 18

3rd April 2022
Sermon points – Judges 17 & 18 1. What’s wrong? Worshipping idols Distorting God’s character Disobeying God’s word 2. Where does it lead? 3. What’s the remedy?

Judges 14-15

20th March 2022
Sermon Notes: Judges 14-15 The Lord accomplishes his purposes through a violent, disobedient, lust-driven bully! The Lord accomplishes his purposes in spite of his apathetic people. The Lord accomplishes his…

Judges 7

13th February 2022
Sermon Notes Judges 7 The Danger of Strength The Lord Graciously Weakens The Lord’s Power Made Perfect in Weakness