Psalm 88 – Singing in the Darkness
11th June 2022

Psalm 88 – Singing in the Darkness

Passage: Psalm 88
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Psalm 88, Singing in the Darkness
  1. This Song shapes our expectations of the life of faith
  2. This Song calls us to be honest with God (and with others)
  3. This Song speaks of God’s Sovereignty in the darkness
  4. This Song warns us to flee from the wrath to come
  5. This Song leads us to love Jesus more
  6. This Song is not the final song
  7. Those who sing this Song can help others to sing in the darkness
Session 2 questions for reflection
  1. How did you feel reading through Psalm 88? Did anything resonate from times of darkness that you have faced?
  2. Do you think that Emmanuel is a place where you can be honest with God and with each other in the dark times?
  3. How does this Psalm help you see more of Jesus, and grow in love with Him?
  4. How can the local church be a community where those who are facing deep challenges and struggles find support and help?