Psalm 1 – Singing through all of Life
11th June 2022

Psalm 1 – Singing through all of Life

Passage: Psalm 1
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Psalm 1, Singing through all of life
  1. There are only two kinds of singers in life…
  2. There are very different outcomes for the two kinds of singers…
    1. Blessing, Fruitfulness, Prosperity
    2. Condemnation, Exclusion, Destruction
  3. Sing with Jesus through all of life…
    1. Renounce evil ways
    2. Delight in God’s Word
Session 1 questions for reflection
  1. Where do you see Jesus in the gospels modelling the Blessed man of Psalm 1? Choose one example…
  2. In what areas of your life, and in what ways are you tempted to be drawn into the ways of the wicked / the world?
  3. How does knowing Jesus fulfils this Psalm perfectly, encourage you in seeking to live it out, and encourage you when you fail?
  4. What practical ways might help you delight in God’s Word? How might you help others walk in the way of the righteous?