Forward Focus 2022
24th April 2022

Forward Focus 2022

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Running Order - Forward Focus Meeting

  • Election of Wardens
    • Nominations: John Newell and Robin Walpole
    • Elected unopposed
  • Election of PCC members
    • Nominations: Cara Rodger, Joanne Walpole and Andy Whelan
    • Elected unopposed
    • This leaves 2 vacancies on the PCC.
  • Someone to pray for Wardens and PCC: Chris


  • Finance Report including update on building appeal: Andy Whelan
    • Any questions from the church family?
    • Pray for Finance: Andy


  • Fabric Report: Cara Rodger
    • Questions about Fabric
    • Pray about Fabric: Cara


  • EMF report: Marc Evans
    • Questions
    • Pray for EMF - Marc


  • Report on Youth and Children’s ministry: Chris
    • Questions
    • Pray about Youth and Children's ministry: Chris


  • As we look forward what should we be praying for? Bart


  • Questions


  • Give thanks for food (John)