Advent Window Trail - Who is the King?

This Christmas Holiday would be a good time to take a walk around Berrylands. 

Join us as we follow the google map below. Each window will have a scene to do with Christmas along with a hidden letter to find. 


Put the letters together to find the answer to the question: Who is the King?


If you give the correct answer to Chris at any of the church Christmas Services you can receive a Christmas treat.

Dates: 17th of December 2022 to the 1st of January 2023 

Starting at 181 Elgar Avenue and ending at the church – 1 Grand Ave, Berrylands, KT5 9HU


Question: Is this picture the King?

181 Elgar Ave- No, this person prepared the way for the King. Letter: __

206 Elgar Ave- No, this person is the messenger of the King. Letter: __

20 Parkside Cres. – No, this person was called the servant of the King. Letter: __

32 Parkside Cres. – No, this person was a carpenter. Letter: __

19 Waverley Ave – No, this person looked after sheep. Letter: __

70 Grand Ave – No, these people are sometimes called kings. Letter: __

55 Greenfield Ave – No, this was the guiding symbol leading to the King. Letter: __

59 Grand Ave – No, this person was a king but not the King. Letter: __

1 Grand Ave – Emmanuel Church – Yes, this is The King? Letter: __

His name is: ____ _____