Love Your Neighbour

In the past several months we have been thinking and learning about how we can get to know and love our neighbours better.  In fact, the 2019 Emmanuel Verse for the Year is Mark 12:31b “Love your neighbour as yourself” and we have named our new outreach initiative Love Your Neighbour.   

We are doing this because our culture has changed so our outreach has to change too. Even in the last 20 years the culture has changed from being skeptical about faith and Christianity to being mildly negative. This means we can’t just expect those living around us to come along to events we put on at church. We need to build loving relationships with those around us and then in due course introduce them to the great news about Jesus. The relationship is vital.

We began by praying for our neighbours, ideally for our next-door neighbours and for opportunities to love them and also that the Lord would bring them to faith in Jesus.

Some of us made initial contact with our neighbours over Christmas.  

At Easter many people brought flowers to Church (thank you everyone who did this- the Church looked lovely) and then took these flowers home to give to their neighbour(s).  This presented a great opportunity to speak with our neighbours again and to tell them about where the flowers had been- to Church for Easter!

With summer just around the corner perhaps you could find an opportunity to invite your neighbour(s) in for a cup of tea and a piece of cake?  But most important of all is to keep praying: for our neighbours, for boldness and for opportunities to get alongside them and show them the love of Christ.

Please click here to listen to the talk from the Love Your Neighbour service –

Who is my neighbour?  Luke 10:25-37