What is a Biblical way to share the news of Jesus with someone in authority? Specifically a son/daughter with a parent

After Emmanuel at Four on 27th September people wrote down questions for me to answer on this blog…

A lot of what can be said in this situation is true for any time we are telling people about Jesus.


We need to pray for God to give us opportunities to speak about Jesus. However we must also be patient. Don’t assume that because we haven’t mentioned Jesus to non-Christian parents this week that you have failed. With long-term relationships we want to pray for opportunities and be ready to take them when they come (which they will).


We want to make sure we speak the truth when the opportunities come. When speaking to those we love and particularly with parents it can be easy to fudge bits of the gospel because we don’t want to cause problems in our relationships. But Jesus promised that the world would hate us and therefore negative reactions will come our way, we need to be prepared for this. Gently and lovingly we need to speak the truth anyway. After all, the most loving thing we can do is to tell people they are in grave danger without Jesus.


With unbelieving parents we still need to honour them even as we are seeking to tell them about Jesus. This does not mean agreeing with our parents in everything they say, nor does it mean obeying them if, when we are children, they command things which are against the Bible (the Bible doesn’t command us to obey our parents when we are adults, but it does when we are children). But it does mean respecting them. If our conversations about Jesus end up in heated arguments then we need to ask whether we are really respecting and honouring our parents. If, because of disagreements about the gospel, we can’t listen to and learn from our parents in other areas of life then we need to humble ourselves, seek God’s forgiveness and ask him to help us change. Humbly honouring our parents while trying to share the gospel with them will back up the words we say.