Berrylands Easter Trail

This Easter Holiday would be a good time to take a walk around Berrylands.  To encourage our younger walkers we have placed 10 stops along the way where they van answer a simple question.  If they print out a form and drop it off at the church, they will receive a gift in the mail.

Dates: 1st – 11th April 2021

Time: Daylight hours

Starting and ending at the church – 1 Grand Ave, Berrylands, KT5 9HU


Easter Quiz

Stop 1 – How many people are there listening to Jesus? _______

Stop 2 – What colour is the happy farmer wearing? _______________

Stop 3 – How many wine glasses can you see? ______

Stop 4 – What is on the ground next to Jesus? ____________________

Stop 5 – How many people are watching Jesus wash Peter’s feet? ______

Stop 6 – How many disciples are around the table with Jesus? ________

Stop 7 – What were the soldiers holding? ______________

Stop 8 – What shape can you see in the sky behind the cross? _________

Stop 9 – What colour is Mary’s scarf?___________

Stop 10 – How many Easter eggs can you see in the picture? _____

To download and print out

The Berrylands Easter Trail

as a black and white easy to carry copy:

please click here:  Berrylands Easter Trail childrens Worksheet