Why did Jesus create 'things'?

After Emmanuel at Four on 27th September people wrote down questions for me to answer on this blog…

His glory

Jesus created all things to communicate to us his glory. Mankind has been described as the pinnacle of God’s creation because everything else exists as a means for God to communicate himself to us.

This should change the way we view creation. As Garry Williams puts it in ‘His Love Endures Forever’:

‘When you next go to a safari park or zoo and see a lion, ask yourself, Why the lion? The answer must be this: God created his world as he did in order to make himself known to humanity within it, so the chief reason he made the lion was so that he could use it to describe himself. Of course the lion has other purposes: it is to hunt antelope and to feature in documentaries. But its greatest office, its highest honour, is to be used to describe God and Christ.’

We are not at liberty, however, to determine what God is wanting to communicate about himself through a particular part of creation. If we were to do this we could end up with contradictory conclusions about God. Since we are fallen, sinful beings we need God’s written word to tell us what he is communicating about himself in creation.

So, why did Jesus create ‘things’? To communicate himself to us. The climax of this communication what when he himself became incarnate, living among us, dying for us and rising on the third day.