Safeguarding at Emmanuel

Back in 2009, the Emmanuel Church PCC adopted the Diocese of Southwark’s A Safe Church, which is a safeguarding policy or more specifically, policies, procedures and guidelines for safeguarding both children and adults who may be vulnerable and responding to Domestic Abuse.

In 2017 the House of Bishops (Church of England) document ‘A Safer Church’ was published.  A copy of the Diocesan policy “A Safe Church” is available from the church office.

This was communicated nationwide to all dioceses with the policies, practices contained therein to be adopted and actioned by every parish and church community.

Jesus talked of the kingdom of God belonging to children; he gave them status, time and respect. Jesus also showed himself to be compassionately on the side of those without power, reaching across social barriers with the inclusive love of God.  

 A Christian approach to safeguarding children, vulnerable adults and those in abusive relationships therefore asks all, both individuals and communities to create a safe environment for them, to act promptly on any complaints made, to care for those who have been abused in the past, and to minister appropriately to those who have abused. Teresa Cooper and Andrew Langford are Emmanuel Church’s Parish Safeguarding Officers (PSO).  In this role, some of their main responsibilities are:

  • to develop and regularly review the Diocesan policies, procedures and good practice guidelines in relation to ‘A Safer Church’
  • to ensure that Emmanuel Church has adopted and implemented ‘A Safer Church’
  • to monitor and check parish policies and provide advice and guidance on these
  • to facilitate training in safeguarding for staff, clergy and themselves and to evaluate and review training programmes
  • to work with Diocesan personnel in relation to safeguarding


If you have any questions about Safeguarding at Emmanuel, please speak to either of our PSOs (contact details below), to Bart our minister or to Cara Rodger or John Newell, our Church Wardens.  

Copies of the ‘A Safer Church’ information poster are posted in the hall and the entrance lobby at Emmanuel.  The information on this poster is as listed above.


Safeguarding Contacts:

Teresa Cooper – Emmanuel Parish Safeguarding Officer

07837 165734 /

Andy Langford – Emmanuel Parish Safeguarding Officer

07496 153003 /

Kate Singleton- Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser

020 2939 9423 / (Out of hours 07982 279713)

Local Authority Social Services

Adult 020 8547 5005 / Child 020 547 5008